Introducing Consortyo: A Streamlined IT and Security Systems Experience

Introducing Consortyo: A Streamlined IT and Security Systems Experience

The decision to combine Onsyte Computer Managed IT Services and Insyte Security into one company — Consortyo Networks & Security — was part of founder Atu Naseem’s longtime vision. Beyond installation and post-support, both new and returning customers were seeking a more seamless, budget-friendly process from start to finish. For Naseem, that meant proactively stepping up and restructuring to ensure his team’s delivery of quality technology and security services.

“The one-stop-shop aspect greatly appealed all around,” says Naseem. “That’s what really drove the Consortyo merge.” With the integration of IT systems, network security, camera installation and monitoring, the step was a no-brainer.

Rather than have customers navigate two sister companies — and separately market services on the provider end — Consortyo offers a more seamless experience. For customers who require assistance with either installation or computer support, they now only need to contact one place. This more centralized hub of certified technicians, many of whom have worked together for years, can offer a greater wealth of knowledge, professionalism and coordination.

The stronger you can build a foundation, the greater your chances of running a smoothly-operating system — or at least this is what Naseem’s prior experience as an IBM Network Product Manager showed him years ago. At Consortyo, he’s assembled a team of experts in network support with certifications from IBM and Cisco. Partners include Microsoft, Dell and other quality IT vendors such as HP, Lenovo, Nvidia and Honeywell.

Consortyo’s centralized customer management has pulled new techs into both worlds from the respective companies while also doubling the tech staff overall. Customers will find the billing more straightforward and the post-sales dispatch centralized.

Customers will find the complete range of IT and security support — with an emphasis on preventing costly problems before they occur. Services include hardware and software support, paperless office setup, data backup and disaster recovery, network support and security, network and low-voltage cabling, infrastructure, employee tracking, website development, security systems, access control, security camera installation and low-voltage cabling. Consortyo will continue to recommend and install products they use themselves, but also support a range of tech and support systems —regardless of who installed the original systems. Employed personnel — not third party contractors — will continue to perform and manage installations.

The merger harnesses the resources garnered by Naseem over nearly 20 years as an IT service provider and security systems installer, and Consortyo Networks & Security provides ongoing support to commercial establishments and government agencies. With the centralized management, Consortyo will be even better equipped to continue providing exceptional service for its growing list of clients, which include the Hilton at Disney Springs, Amtrak and the Orlando Science Center, among others.

Most importantly, what hasn’t changed with the advent of Consortyo is the honesty, flexibility and mutually beneficial service agreements that form the foundation of long term customer relationships.

For Naseem, the transition to Consortyo is a surefire step toward achieving his vision as founder and leader. “We want to offer excellent customer service and superior installation from start to finish, and all of our techs follow a thoroughly discussed list of best practices,” he says. Whether a customer is the owner of a small to medium sized business or a larger office or campus, Consortyo’s mission remains: to lead with service. By assuring a post-sales support contract, the aim is to offer a powerhouse of technology solutions — all under one roof.