Consortyo announces partnership with the Lifeboat project

Consortyo Announces Partnership with The Lifeboat Project

Consortyo Announces Partnership with The Lifeboat Project


Consortyo Networks & Security has announced a partnership with The Lifeboat Project, a Central Florida non-profit organization that provides support and resources to adult victims of human trafficking. The support provided by Consortyo as part of the partnership will focus on safety and security, protecting The Lifeboat Project’s physical locations and computer networks.

According to Consortyo founder and president, Atu Naseem, the products and services they provide will address a wide range of critical needs for The Lifeboat Project.

“Because they protect human trafficking victims from dangerous criminals, The Lifeboat Project maintains safe houses throughout the Orlando area,” Naseem said. “The locations of these safe houses not only need to be kept secret they need to be secured so that the victims staying there can feel safe. We are providing and installing security cameras and alarm systems, as well as providing remote monitoring at no charge.”

In addition to securing the organization’s physical structures, Consortyo is also providing cybersecurity services that protect The Lifeboat Project’s networks from hackers, while also restricting online activity by victims, preventing them from accidentally compromising their location.

According to Naseem, supporting the Central Florida community by helping non-profit organizations is an important priority and a personal value that his employees at Consortyo embrace.

“We consider ourselves good corporate citizens and we have benefited greatly from being part of the Central Florida community,” he said. “Working with non-profits, making our expertise, products, and services available to them so that they can provide more and better services, is the best way we can be of service. We look for partnerships with organizations who will most benefit from the work we do and The Lifeboat Project is the perfect example of that.”

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About The Lifeboat Project

The Lifeboat Project is a 501(c)3 organization that strives to support adult victims of human trafficking in Central Florida by providing secure residential programs, personal development, educational resources, trauma counseling, and more. The organization’s purpose is to help victims feel safe, then heal and recover from the trauma they have endured, allowing them to grow and thrive by learning important life skills and gaining confidence.