Consortyo and ConnectWise Partner for Simplified IT Management

Consortyo and ConnectWise Partner for Simplified IT Management

Consortyo and ConnectWise Partner for Simplified IT Management


Managing an IT system is a continuous process with a number of moving parts. Technicians are consistently monitoring the system’s performance, quickly making any needed repairs, and ensuring that security best practices are in place. 

Thanks to the new partnership between Consortyo Networks & Security and ConnectWise, those processes are centralized and simpler than ever. ConnectWise offers unified IT management software that breaks down silos and supports faster system analysis, diagnostics, notifications, and decision-making.

“With this new partnership, Consortyo technicians and clients have increased visibility into system performance and maintenance,” said Atu Naseem, Consortyo founder and president. Thanks to ConnectWise, there’s now one dashboard to see it all.”

Providing Increased Client Focus and Transparency

The partnership with ConnectWise provides better system access for technicians supporting the system and for clients seeking better visibility into their processes.

ConnectWise displays the client network in a diagram that is easy to understand, regardless of technical skill level. Whether someone is operating on the system or providing status reports for stakeholders, the information is in a central location ready to view.

Through ConnectWise’s service ticketing capabilities, technicians and clients have access to ticket history and notes for a detailed look at the work being done. They can also have secure remote access capabilities allowing them more flexibility with system management.

The partnership also brings increased security benefits. Through ConnectWise, Consortyo can monitor the client’s frequently used web interfaces for potential password hacking attempts. ConnectWise also provides clients and their account technicians with a password vault that they can securely access and manage.

In addition, clients benefit from a simple workflow for ensuring and proving system alignment to insurance, state, and federal authorities. ConnectWise provides this through built-in audits for HIPAA and payment card industry (PCI) compliance.

The Value of Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Consortyo clients will also see another benefit through this new partnership: the power of AI.

Your technician team won’t be the only ones on the lookout for system issues. ConnectWise offers advanced AI that helps identify issues automatically. Problems are matched to the correct origin, and the system notifies the right Consortyo tech to handle the job. 

ConnectWise also automates the opening of help tickets, meaning issues are in repair before they are critical. 

“This additional client system monitoring further supports Consortyo’s proactive management approach,” Naseem said. “Prevention versus reaction is one of our core values. We want to solve problems for our clients either before they happen or immediately after, and this allows us to do that with even more accuracy.”

A Host of Integration Opportunities

In addition to the level of client involvement and AI incorporation the partnership brings, ConnectWise also has a number of integrations that will benefit Consortyo clients. These include: 

  • Bitdefender and Malwarebytes: view and mitigate virus and ransomware threats in one location
  • Shadow Project (backup program): notify Consortyo tech teams of backup issues
  • Office 365: integrate necessary applications such as Excel
  • Billing programs: eliminate billing quantity mistakes so that clients pay for only what they use through active licenses

Providing these integrations through ConnectWise means that they’re all located in one place and visible for clients as well as the Consortyo team. This adds a level of simplicity for implementing the integrated applications into workflows and breaks the silos that can slow down system management and response to security concerns.

Increased Productivity and Visibility into IT Management

The new partnership between Consortyo and ConnectWise puts clients first. ConnectWise makes it easier than ever for clients to have a clear view of their system management in one place and displayed in a way that everyone can quickly understand. 

The partnership also brings a host of automated capabilities for quick and proactive support, in addition to several new cybersecurity features. Adding that to the long list of possible integrations, the partnership has great potential to offer even more benefits for clients in the future.

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